Virtual Production 101 (with VFX SPV Eric Roth)

Virtual Production 101


Virtual Production is quickly becoming the de facto standard for producing film, TV and animation content. Actual, location-based production is often a resource-heavy enterprise involving large sets, scores of crews, and a big budget to create. But in recent years, there’s been an emerging trend for streamlining production in a novel way that involves a “virtual set.” It's a different world... or an "Unreal" world for production as you'll know when you read how we do this class!

This class will explore the use of design management tools such as Unreal Engine and other production software to gather assets to work on a basic VP project using existing (and emerging) VP workflows. Students will learn how VP management tools and techniques are utilized to create, use and manage production assets, and how to create scenes across both an actual and digital production environment.

Explored will be uses and techniques of VP for cameras, set design, prop design, motion capture, and more. Included will be the use of green-screen and/or LED walls and a simulated environment for scenic design that affects the use of lighting, color control as well as the use of highly realistic digital mattes in a rudimentary, but well-fitted-out scene!

Prerequisite: Any of the following - basic knowledge of production design and, while not required, some use of Unreal Engine, Unity or related software used for CG or VFX is recommended.

Instructor: Eric Roth is a VFX Supervisor with a long list of CG lighting, VP and ICVFX credits in the entertainment industry. His expertise is in high demand and Eric has worked on productions for DreamWorks, Walt Disney Studios and other companies.

Class Length: 30 hours

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Price: $1,000.00
Mondays 6:15pm - 10:00pm 8/26 to 10/14/24
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