About Studio Arts

River Center & Gardens Atrium


Eric Huelsman: eric@studioarts.com

General Manager
Arthur Morales: art@studioarts.com

Joyce Gavin: joyce@studioarts.com

Outreach and Creative Development
Maggie Baker: maggie@studioarts.com

Pascal Ludowissy: pascal@studioarts.com

DB Operations
Oleg Dekman: oleg@studioarts.com

Administrative Coordinator
Perry Petrzilka: perry@studioarts.com

Office Coordinator
Ajita Shende: ajita@studioarts.com

Global Learning
Shish Aikat: shish@studioarts.com

Contact Us:

Mailing Address: (Map)
Studio Arts
570 W. Avenue 26 Suite 425
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Phone & Fax:
Tel: 323.227.8776
Fax: 323.227.8775

Our complete 2020 Catalog (pdf)

Grant Questions: grants@studioarts.com

2017 Annual Report


This institution has received approval to operate from the
Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.
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