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Unreal Connectors PartnerReady to build your career in Unreal Engine?  Become a highly sought-after artist in the industry’s hottest new production tool!

Studio Arts, Hollywood’s premiere source of entertainment education, is now offering a new, revolutionary and high-end Unreal Connectors program!  Connectors is a field-tested course taught exclusively through Unreal Authorized Training Centers and Unreal Academic Partners.

Unreal Connectors is the first micro-credentialing program dedicated to teaching artists visual storytelling, offering you a great opportunity to grow your career.  Level up or start fresh as you explore a rich new avenue for careers in film, TV and game production!

Taught by industry-seasoned UE instructors, Connectors coursework is condensed, intensive and tightly focused on getting YOU up to speed in Unreal Engine.

Connectors - Virtual Production (Storytelling)

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Week One: Unreal Engine Immersion

This comprehensive introduction to Unreal Engine covers:

  • Intro to UE - Getting started
  • Unreal Project structure - User Interface fundamentals
  • FBX data ingestion
  • Quixel install, pipeline and usage
  • Materials - Introduction
  • The Blueprint Visual scripting system (why it’s artist-friendly!)
  • Intro to the Sequencer Editor system (timelines, actors, camera, animation, VFX, etc)
  • Overview of real-time rendering pipeline - Render Queue, Use with Sequencer, etc.
  • 10 hours lab -  Planning your project & how to develop your UE sizzle reel

Unreal Sequencer

Week Two: Worldbuilding for VP

This course focuses on Levels, Lighting, Camera and Environments for Virtual Production:

  • Blueprint for Virtual Production workflows
  • Sequencer Shot Creation for VP 
  • Lighting setups:  3-point lighting, environments, stages, etc
  • Cinematography - Cinecamera, focus, motion blur, depth of field, multi-camera ops
  • Building exterior environments - Terrain generation tools, Instance painting, Skyscapes, etc
  • Building interior sets - Room construction, Props, UE’s metric environment
  • Sourcing props - Unreal Marketplace, Quixel Megascans, importing FBX & OBJ, Datasmith
  • Surfacing props and sets - Materials/textures using Quixel Mixer, decals, the Material Editor
  • 10 hours Lab - Build your project for your reel: levels, exterior, interior sets and props, then use Sequencer and rendered file (or use of NLE)

Unreal Sequencer

Week Three: Unreal for Animation and VFX

This week’s course focuses on skills for Animation and VFX in Unreal:
Unreal Metahuman
  • Intro to Animation
  • Intro to the Control Rig
  • Working with Control Rig (Animating using Sequencer, basic retargeting, modifying mocap)
  • A full, live motion capture session to capture animation for your capstone projects (either in-person or remote participation available) 
  • Stage Demonstration
  • Baking captured mocap to the Control Rig and Keyframing in Control Rig
  • Using the Attach track for prop work
  • Deep dive into Sequencer - Animating with Sequencer, incorporating VFX
  • Rendering sequences and collaborative use of a render queue
  • 10 hours Lab (Create animation, add FX to your project)

Week Four: Unreal Lighting, Stage Ops and Delivery

This course focuses on lighting, camera and stage ops for VP:
Metahuman rig

  • Animation - Blueprints and Take Recorder
  • Sequencer - Performance capture with Take Recorder 
  • Stage Ops - LED vs Greenscreen - ICVFX - Stage Demonstration
  • Understanding Lumen and Nanite
  • Live link face capture
  • Post process effects - A look at finishing in Nuke
  • Final rendering
  • 10 hours Lab - Finish up your project and show your reel!

Connectors: Virtual Production (Storytelling)
Instruction: Online -  4 weeks (120 hours)
Starts: August 15th, 2022 
Hours: Monday - Friday  9am to 3:00pm US Pacific 
Ends: September 9th, 2022
Cost: $4,000 USD

Meet your instructor team:

Damian Allen headshotDamian Allen: Well known in the visual effects industry as a leading technique and technology consultant. He has worked as supervisor and compositor on multiple Hollywood features and broadcast projects. He is always staying ahead of the latest trends, and currently bringing his extensive experience to virtual production in Unreal Engine.

Philip Donahue: headshotPhilip Donahue: A seasoned game designer; his professional game development experience includes working on everything from AAA to indie game titles. He has been on contract with Epic games for the Unreal Fellowship since early 2021 (where he has been assisting filmmakers in using Unreal Engine for Virtual Production).

Milton Mariscal: headshotMilton Mariscal: With over 20 years of solid game development experience, Milton Mariscal has developed a keen sense of what it takes to create and develop video games. Throughout his career, Milton has developed games for platforms such as Play Station 1, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, X-Box, Wii, PSP, PC and many more.

George Gularte headshotGeorge Gularte: George Gularte was born and raised in Los Angeles, receiving his Bachelors in Computer Science with a specialty in gameplay programming at Art Institute of Los Angeles. As of 2021 he is Senior Game Programmer at Farsight Studios, a Consultant to game studios, and a professional teacher of Unreal Engine for others who want to create in the industry.

David Lester headshotDavid Lester: Dave Lester is a Creative-Technical Director, Experience Designer, and former Disney Imagineer with a love for the creating immersive worlds with cutting edge technologies. His work with XR attractions has given him firsthand experience in Virtual Production, Projection Mapping, Motion Capture and Virtual Reality, from Previs to final pixel.


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