Unreal Engine (Animation - Tools)


Unreal Engine is the perfect medium for creating convincing and fluid animation for your characters. From cartoony to life-like, animation breathes life into your project!

For film, TV, animation, games, themed attraction fly-throughs and other projects, knowing how to use the animation tools in Unreal Engine gives you the ability to create high-end previs, animatics, cinematics and other real time animation sequences for your Unreal project.

You will learn Tools that are required for animation in Unreal Engine, starting off with a look at Skeletal Meshes and the Animation Blueprint and procedding through the uses of the Control Rig, IK and FK ops, uses of mocap, retargeting of rigs from other programs (such as Mixamo,) MetaHuman and more.

Prerequisite: Unreal 101 class or an equivalent, basic knowledge of Unreal Engine.

To sign up for this class, email registration@studioarts.com with the name of the class and your contact information.

(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)

Price: $750.00
Thursdays 6:15 - 10:00pm TBA
SKU: UE 295