Blender 201

Blender 201


Blender 201 extends learning in what is now becoming the hottest 3D program in the animation, games and VFX industry!

Blender is an amazing 3D program that is absolutely on fire in the animation and VFX community. For good reason! It is a robust piece of software that provides 3D modeling, animation and VFX that provides stunning results and costs nothing to own!

This class will expand your knowledge in the 2D/3D creation and manipulation of workflows in Blender. Students will model CG assets and utilize the Blender pipeline to texture, animate, light, and render those assets. More advanced topics will extend knowledge of best practices to integrate CG assets into background footage and composite the final elements in Blender.

Blender 201 is a good way to gain more knowledge of this popular program and will build a solid tool set for more advanced course offerings in Blender.

Prerequisites: Blender 101 or a strong, basic knowledge of Blender.

About the Instructor: Daniel Krafft is a multimedia designer, product designer and chief instructor at Design School Online. He is a regular contributor to Blender tutorials and topics on his youtube channel.

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Price: $750.00
Fridays - 6:15 - 10:00pm 1/22 to 3/12/21
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