Learn Unreal Engine

Studio Arts is pleased to announce that we are now an Authorized Training Center for Unreal Engine


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Look out for these additional classes coming up in the next quarters:


Unreal Engine BlueprintUnreal Engine (Blueprint)
The Blueprint visual scripting system in Unreal Engine is used extensively in the entertainment industry. This hands-on course takes you through the drag-and-drop process of editing in Unreal Engine to create materials, simulations and visual effects.
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Unreal Engine Level DesignUnreal Engine 201 (Level Design)
Covers more advanced techniques in Level/Virtual Sets, Lighting, Materials, 3D Assets, BluePrint, particle systems, and much more.
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Unreal Engine Production WorkflowsUnreal Engine 201 (Production Workflows)
In this hands-on course, you will examine some of the key workflows such as performance capture, terrain/environment building, Blueprints, animation and the control rig, Previs, physics and simulation, and virtual camera animation.
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Virtual Art DepartmentVirtual Art Department
This course steps through the process of photoreal asset building for sets and props that is the key component of the creative decision making and review workflows in virtual blocking, virtual pre-lighting, and virtual location scouting.
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Virtual Production 201Virtual Production 201
This course will explore the use of Unreal Engine to gather assets to work on a project using existing VP workflows. Students will learn how to create, use and manage production assets, and how to create scenes across both an actual and digital production environment.
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