Blender 201


Blender 201 extends learning in what is becoming the hottest 3D program in the animation, games and VFX industry! This class will be an exercise on world building in Blender. Each week outlined below is an exercise to learn Blender with a purpose. We must understand our tools so that we can be artists and not just become technicians. You will learn with a creative purpose.

*Week 1: Intermediate & Advanced Modeling Techniques - Subdivision surfaces - Digital Sculpting - Using Advanced Modifiers
*Week 2: Building Landscapes - Adding architectural structures to landscapes
*Week 3: Materials and Texturing - Understanding material nodes and shader creation - UV Unwrapping and mapping and texturing techniques - Procedural textures and texture painting
*Week 4: Lighting and Rendering - Understanding different lighting types and their effects - Using HDRIs for realistic lighting - Altering 3D object into light sources with Emission - Understanding the best Rendering settings and output formats
*Week 5: Animation and Rigging - Keyframe animation and animation curves - Understanding and creating rigs - Character animation techniques and workflow from motion capture data.
*Week 6: Particle Systems and Physics Simulations - Creating particle systems for effects like fire, smoke, and water - Understanding Blender's physics simulations and simulations for cloth, hair, and soft body dynamics
*Week 7: Compositing and Post-Processing - Understanding Blender's compositing nodes and how to use them - Color grading and image adjustments - Adding special effects and visual effects to your projects
*Week 8: Getting The Final Look That We Desire - Understanding the power and creative uses of the Evee rendering engine - Understanding the power and creative uses of the Cycles rendering engine - Output workflow for your final render.

Prerequisites: Blender 101 or a basic knowledge of Blender.

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Stephen Burns
Price: $1,000.00
Sundays 4:30pm - 8:15pm 8/11 to 9/29/24
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