Blender 101


Blender is an amazing 3D program that is absolutely on fire in the animation, film and VFX community. For good reason! It is a robust piece of software that provides 3D modeling, animation and VFX that provides stunning results and costs nothing to own!

This class will be your hands-on introduction to the 2D/3D workflow in Blender. You will model a simple CG asset and follow the Blender pipeline as you texture, animate, light, and render the asset. You will also use Blender’s tracking tool to integrate the CG asset into some background footage and composite the final elements in Blender. Along the way, you will become familiar with navigation in Blender, the interface, and the powerful tools that rival most popular 3D packages.

Blender 101 is a good way to get started with this popular program and will be a prerequisite for other, more advanced course offerings in Blender.

Prerequisite: A basic, working knowledge of the computer and familiarity with other graphics software, such as Photoshop is helpful.

Class Length: 30 hours

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Stephen Burns
Price: $1,000.00
Mondays 6:15pm - 10:00pm 8/5 to 9/23/24
SKU: MOD 150