CG Lighting (Maya)


Lighting is essential for the creation of compelling scenes in 3D just as in live action cinematography. Maya provides the artist with lighting and rendering tools that greatly enhance the look and feel of a scene with styles ranging from photorealistic to phantasmagoric.

Using ARNOLD, a renderer included by default with Maya 2020, Students will learn about shaping light and shadows, lighting and rendering workflows, depth of field, caustics, raytracing, image based lighting, shader networks, photorealistic techniques, character lighting, and set lighting.

As with all the Studio Arts classes, this class has been designed by studio professionals to cover the technical skills most in demand by industry employers, and using Maya Lighting is quickly becoming a must for the TD and FX artist!

Prerequisite: Intermediate, working knowledge of Maya (equivalent of Maya 101 or better).

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Frédéric Durand
Price: $750.00
Saturdays 1:00-4:00pm 10/3/20 - 12/5/20
SKU: MA 140