Unreal Engine 201 (Virtual Production Workflows)

Production Workflows in UE


In the area of Virtual Production (VP), Epic Games’ Unreal Engine (UE) has proven to be integral to the production process due to its support of previs, tech viz, on-set, and post-production workflows.

In this hands-on course, you will examine some of the key workflows such as performance capture, terrain/environment building, Blueprints, animation and the control rig, Previs, physics and simulation, and virtual camera animation.

As part of the real-time, game-engine workflows, you will also observe the relationship of the game engine with motion-capture libraries such as Adobe Mixamo and other apps, such as UE Live Link, Maya, MotionBuilder, Character Creator 3D, and Houdini.

These filmmaker-driven workflows will enable you to explore the features in UE that are enabling content creators to dip into game-changing technologies for both stylized and photoreal content.

Prerequisite: Virtual Production 101, Unreal 101 class or an equivalent, basic knowledge of Unreal Engine.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)

Price: $750.00
Mondays, 7pm - 10:00pm 5/10 to 7/12/21
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