MetaHuman Advanced


MetaHuman is for any artist looking for a fast, intuitive and astonishing effective way to create realistic-looking characters for their projects.

Created by Epic Games (Unreal Engine,) its user-friendly interface and advanced tools help artists get quick and great-looking results. An example of MetaHuman's expanding impact on the entertainment industry can be found in its quickly spreading use for animation, film production, television and videogames for pre-production and production itself.

Some of the topics covered in this advanced course:

- More advanced things to learn about MetaHuman and techniques for assorted and varying types of projects
- Getting deeper into the user interface and access/use of existing MetaHuman's library of characters
- Work on a project, exploring MetaHuman's more advanced capabilities for transforming and "remodeling" characters (faces, body types) for a unique look and feel
- More on the MetaHuman Rig and how it works for animation as well as use with MetaHuman animation files
- Further workflows that show how to make full clothing for a MetaHuman character
- How to use more advanced techniques for clothing for costumes for MetaHuman characters

Prerequisite: None, but completion of Metahuman Basics or a basic knowledge of Unreal Engine's Metahuman, and/or CG modeling programs such as Blender, Maya or ZBrush is recommended.

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Robert Borashan
Price: $400.00
Thursdays 6:15 - 10:00pm June 22nd and June 29th
SKU: UE 308