Intro to Character Animation (Maya)


Breathe life and personality into a 3D character in Maya! This class will have multiple detailed assignments that cover the principles of animation mechanics that provides a basic, but very thorough introduction to CG animation.

Learn how to how to approach animation, develop appealing poses, and create both action and acting scenes that have personality. A nice expressive rig will be used for the class and animation and will be suitable to use for demo reel purposes!

Instructor Gael Harlow is a Supervising Animator at Tau Films, and has animated on blockbuster movies like Life of Pi, Night at the Museum, The Golden Compass, Big Friendly Giant and The Matrix Reloaded. She has worked for companies like Warner Bros. Animation, The Third Floor, Rhythm and Hues, Sony Pictures, and more. Gael’s work includes character animation, creature animation, and pre-visualization.

Prerequisite: Maya 101 or equivalent.

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Price: $750.00
Wednesdays 6:15 to 10:00pm 10/21 to 12/16/20
SKU: MA 110 OL