Marvelous Designer

Intro to Marvelous Designer


Marvelous Designer is for any CG artist looking for a fast, intuitive and, most of all, effective fabric simulation software. Its user-friendly interface and advanced tools help all artists get quick and great-looking results. An example of its quickly expanding impact on the entertainment industry can be found in its widespread use for animation, film production, television and videogames.

Some of the topics covered:

- Intro to cloth simulation, and what Marvelous Designer has been used for (types of projects, applicable industries and more.)
- Getting into the user interface, going over what certain buttons do and how to not break the software while using it.
- Work on a basic project with the students showing some of the basic capabilities (pillows, bedding, etc.)
- Demonstration how to take their basic project and improve it in many different ways.
- Introduction to more advanced techniques.
- Start a project where the students make full clothing for a character (some combination of t-shirt, jeans, hoodie etc.)
- Demonstration how to take their advanced clothing and improve them even further.

Prerequisite: None, but some knowledge of CG modeling or ZBrush is highly recommended.

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Robert Borashan
Price: $750.00
Sundays 8:30am - 12:15pm TBA
SKU: MD 75