VR Music Video 101

VR Music Video 101

Some of the first projects to gain prominence in this renaissance of VR were music videos. Chris Milk's Beck concert video, followed by videos for Bjork, Paul McCartney, and now the Gorillaz, have offered some of the watershed moments in the development of Live Production 360 Video.

In this class, which is a mix of lecture, in-class hands on exercises, and production experience, we will learn the fundamentals of Live production VR, utilizing multiple cameras, Auto Pano Video Pro/Giga, the Adobe Creative Suite, and the newly available Mettle Skybox plugins.

One of our 8 classes will include an on-location shoot of an avant-garde, hip-hop music video and short surrealist VR piece directed by Michael Woods, giving class-members a chance to participate and observe a shoot. This is less of a traditional course than a boot camp - following the production and post-workflow for a music video we will make together. This is guerilla VR-making and everything you need to know to pull it off.

Prerequisite: Students should have at least basic After Effects & Premiere Pro knowledge, any VR experience is a plus.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Weekly Class: A half hour of labtime before and after lecture.

Michael Woods
Price: $1,500.00
Sat 12:30-3:30p 10/7-12/2
SKU: VR 150