Visual Development and Design

Visual Development & Design

This visual development class for animation will focus on story telling through the lens of APEX MOMENTS in a character's life.

Visual development artists supernaturalize stories and characters, and this class will explore how to do that from the places that they happen in, the vessels that move through them, and all those included in a full narrative cast. We will size up character and all of their dynamics from their underpants to their hairstyle, the expressions they make the most, and why.

This class is about shaking the box of your stories out upside-down, seeing everything that falls out and learning to monolog and dialog with yourself on paper (visually) to maximize a singular image's power to convey a message, and to then give that image context in a sequence of changing visual events.

The goal is to learn construction through deconstruction and visually beat out the cast of a three act structure in 8 wks. There will be writing, drawing, and painting assignments and a final the last day when each attendee will share their pitch presentation with the class and hopefully have the beginning of a bible to take on tour to the studio circuit.

This is a class that demands imagination, a serious desire to draw, and paint, and maybe even write a little.

Prerequisite: Basic to intermediate understanding of Photoshop, familiarity with Wacom tablets (for painting & sketching)

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Evening Class: Instructed Lab 6:15pm-7pm, Lecture 7pm-10pm

Miles Thompson
Price: $1,500.00
Tue 7-10pm 7/11-8/28
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