Story Development 201

Story Development 201

Thanks to what you have learned in Story Development 1, you have taken your loose collection of ideas, scenes and daydreams and begun the work necessary to transform them into something you can get made: a professional “Show Bible.”

You’ve seen firsthand the kind of work that made the leap from pitch to production. You know your story and characters better than you ever have, and you have committed to going the rest of the way.

Some of you may have finished the first draft of your pitch deck in Story Dev 1. But even if you have, Story Development II is where you make the required investment in yourself and your work to be able to compete at the necessary level.

Story Dev II is an advanced class in which potential show creators assemble their decks and are walked through the preparation necessary to face the industry. The culmination of the class introduces students to the next step using mock pitch meetings and walk throughs of what happens once you’ve made the deal.

Prerequisite: Story Development 101

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Christian Gossett
Price: $1,500.00
Sat 12:30 - 3:30 4/27 - 6/22
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