Making An Animated Commercial

Making An Animated Commercial

The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate and teach all the key animation features of Adobe Animate by animating a commercial in a hands-on, team effort so that once you’re familiar with how it all works, you can go home and make your own films!

You, the student, will do the following: Animate a short commercial from beginning to end and get at least one scene to animate using all the tools Adobe Animate has to offer. You will get feedback on your animation to refine your scene’s performance, so you can quickly get an eye for the illusion of life. In addition, you will learn how to rotate, squash, stretch and animate nested graphic symbols, import audio to lip sync dialog, understand and use the very powerful Looping function, Frame Picker and to use Tweening like a boss. You’ll even learn the basics of animation principles, drawing and building characters, as well as rigging them so you can make your own characters down the road and animate them!

It’s gonna be a fun class! You'll start on Saturday, but by the time you're done on Sunday, you should have a finished, full-color commercial you can take home to show off to your loved ones!

Prerequisites: Drawing ability will greatly enhance this class BUT all you REALLY NEED IS A SET OF HEADPHONES (and you MUST bring those) and the desire to make things move and come alive!

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Sat/Sun: 15 hrs - Lecture 10am-5:30pm

Mike Milo
Price: $750.00
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Sat-Sun 10a-5:30p 1/26-27
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