Intro to UI/UX Design

Intro to UI/UX Design

User Interaction and User Interface design is an integral part of every website, app or any other visual product that requires the user to navigate and interact with it. A good UX and UI design along with the content, are essential ingredients for a successful media project, be it web, mobile or AR/VR.

This course covers the UX/UI design overview, design principles, essential elements, processes involved, ideation, tools of the trade, design evaluation and user testing methods. It is designed to provide the foundation for a better creation; understanding and evaluation of UX/UI design to help you create your own UX/UI or contribute better as a team member.

Be advised that this course provides introduction to tools used in the process of design but is not designed as course to master the required tools.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computer skills and experience with graphic software is recommended.

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Umesh Shukla
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