Concept Design 101

Concept Design 101

Please note: This class will be held at the facility of our partner Blueist Training. All grants (ETP, WIOA & Studio Arts Scholarship) are also available for all classes offered here!

The address for Blueist Training is 1426 Flower Street, Glendale, CA 91210 and their phone number is 818.649.1817. (For directions to get there, you can also manually enter the address in your map application) You can also go to the Blueist website contact page for any additional details.

This class will teach the state of the art methods of concept design. Illustrators and artists will augment their digital art skills with the most successful processes used by today’s leading studios.

Using Adobe Photoshop and other essential illustration tools, this class is an in-depth exploration of the techniques responsible for the greatest concept designs of today from the disciplines of cinema, videogames, animation, graphic novels and online media. Through practical examination of fundamental case studies, professionals of all levels will take their characters, environments, vehicles and world design bibles to new levels of specificity.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Photoshop.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Weekly Class: A half hour of labtime before and after lecture.

Instructor: TBD

Price: $1,500.00
Sun 12:30-3:30p 10/8-12/3