DaVinci Resolve 101

DaVinci Resolve 101

This introductory class in DaVinci Resolve explores the fundamentals of color correction (also referred to as color grading) for video and motion picture imagery.

Topics include using primary color correction tools to rebalance contrast and color, and secondary color correction tools using Power Windows and color keys to isolate and adjust more specific details in the image. These tools are used to create unique "looks" as well as fix issues like unwanted color casts.

Other topics include color theory fundamentals, how to use Resolve's video scopes to help evaluate video images and how to work with different kinds of digital video formats- including strategies for working with RAW and log formats and how to use LUTs.

In addition, the class will cover how to work in a DaVinci Resolve project from start to finish including how to conform a project and outputting the final product to a variety of different formats.

Prerequisite: While familiarity with digital imaging applications is helpful, no prior experience with compositing or editing is required.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)

Instructor: Andrew Balis

Price: $1,500.00
Sat 4-7pm 4/27-6/22
SKU: BM 101